Every average person in America and even around the world wants to gain freedom in their lives. The looming question is how does an average person who works an average job become an entrepreneur to gain freedom in their life?

  1.  An average person needs to find what they are passionate about.
    1. It could be anything. It could be football, painting, music, construction, architecture, photography, cars, horses, farming, cooking, etc.
  2. Is there any opportunity for them to make money with their passion?
  3. How popular is the passion?
  4. Would the person lose his passion for it if he worked with it everyday for the rest of their lives?
  5. If they don’t become successful would they regret it? Would they lose their passion for it?
  6. Is there anything they are very good at?
  7. Can they make money with what they are very good at?
  8. Can they do what they are very good at and still enjoy their passions on the side as a hobby?

These 8 questions are the leading questions in which an average person needs to ask to find out what they should do in order to find freedom. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you don’t work. It means you enjoy working so much that it doesn’t feel like work and you are able to making a good living doing what you love. Sometimes you’re successful, and even sometimes you’re not. But you’re doing what you love and that’s what makes it worth it. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.